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This year, I’m all about building more and spending less. I’ve come to the conclusion that I buy things way too easily and that I could use that money for something else, like putting my kids through college. Our problem was that our kids were too big for cribs and had started escaping them, but they weren’t big enough to sleep in a larger bed. We started by going to Ikea and considering purchasing an accordion-like bed that cost about one hundred and fifty bucks.

The main issue was that we were about to move back in with my wife’s parents, so we desperately needed a bed that could accommodate our twins. However, it shouldn’t have been to big to use in such a small space. As usual, my wife was as skeptical as ever, and that’s because she has little to no confidence in me when it comes to building stuff. Nonetheless, I found that this kind of attitude was what motivated me even more.


We got two mattresses and I started planning for an L-shaped bed. I was lucky enough to come across a comprehensive article published on Popular Mechanics which helped me a lot with regard to the materials that I needed. Something that I noticed I was attracted to was the idea of using lumber that had already served its purpose here, on Earth. Besides, kids grow quickly so it wouldn’t have made any sense to purchase new wood coming from fresh cut trees. I’m all for reusable products.


Fortunately, I had the help of my father. Once I assembled the headboards, sideboards, and backboards, it got a bit trickier. I made loads of calculations, of course, and more than enough outlines. You don’t need tools that are too fancy to do this project, and that’s something I’ve learned from the Popular Mechanics article. Of course, if you have a router, a miter saw, or a drill press, you’d be better off especially as these tools are real investments that pay for themselves in the long run.

It’s important for you to understand that you can achieve everything that has gone through your mind as long as it is a bit realistic. Sometimes, you don’t even have to spend a lot of money. It’s far easier to go to a store and get an item you need right away, just like it’s simpler to go out and eat in a restaurant or some takeout instead of cooking at home. Like a home-cooked meal tends to taste a lot better than what you’d buy while you’re out and about, it goes the same for DIY projects. It’s far more rewarding to build a bed for your kids with your own hands instead of spending over one hundred and fifty dollars on a frame they might outgrow sooner than you’d think.



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