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Since I have a genuine passion for cars as much as I enjoy creating things myself, my garage has pretty much become more than just space to park my car in. I have created furniture for my garden and the inside of the house, and they are pieces that I believe I can make good business on someday. However, that is still a long way away and I’ll be doing it with my friend.

Right now, he and I are pretty much still caught up in the novelty of the creative process but we are pretty excited to see where it can take us. We are still trawling through the many DIY sites to find good projects we can sink our teeth into and build with a solid commitment. At this stage, we’ve just been gathering as much information as possible on what tools we need to have in our own garages.


For holding things down securely

I for one believe that a good bench vise is a huge necessity. It will be useful for holding things in place securely, ensuring safety when working on a project. Without a bench vise or clamp, the workpiece could easily fly off from my grasp and hit anything around.

I certainly wouldn’t want to endanger myself by being in the way of a flying piece of wood that hasn’t been held down firmly to the workbench. A good bench vise works more effectively than just a third hand. It applies enough force to hold down an object to the benchtop, or to glue pieces of wood strongly together.


For turning and fastening

It is vital in woodworking to tighten bolts in a careful manner according to project or material specifications. This is where a quality torque wrench comes handy. Torque wrenches are to be handled with care and recalibrated as needed. A torque wrench is an avid garage worker’s choice for serious mechanical work such as tightening wheel lugs.

I also bought a socket and driver set, which is essential for the kit of any self-respecting DIYer. My set comes with a full range of imperial and metric sockets as well as three-quarter-inch and quarter-inch drivers. I am sure my socket and driver set can handle all but the most unusual sizes of bolts.

A screwdriver set is essential for handling three types of screws when working on a project and they include: Phillips, flathead and Torx. I got an entire set from my favorite online seller because there’s no telling when a six-pointed screw is called for in a project and it’s always better to have a tool on hand and not need it than to have no tool on hand and actually need it. I chose a set with drivers that have short and long handles.

A drill press

As versatile as it is powerful, a drill press enables effortless hole drilling while guaranteeing precision. A drill press should have a beveling worktable because not all workpieces are flat and straight. The motor should be robust enough to power the machine to deliver multiple spin speeds. This will enable drilling into various types of material from wood, metal, plastic, ceramic and more.

I chose a benchtop drill press instead of a freestanding or mini-drill model because it offers enough support to handle a variety of projects without eating up too much space. The ½-inch chuck capacity accommodates a variety of drill bit sizes. Onboard chuck key storage prevents the key from getting misplaced. I can add sanding and mortising attachments for versatile functionality.

You may have some other tools in mind to suit your garage workshop needs. Do let me know what your choice of tools are so we can learn from each other.